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About the project

In 2018, I was tasked with solving a distribution constraint for Annabella Water Buffalo Creamery.

Annabella was in a growth period, after taking home some much respected food industry awards.

Ownership approached me for creative direction, and after some initial talks about integrating their new packaging elements across the entire brand, I further explored with the team their primary obstacles. While customer loyalty and satisfaction were high, their growth was being constrained by the lack of markets they were being distributed in.

I partnered with Annabella to develop a direct sales channel, through website and Facebook sales, with continental US distribution being met through one of two national distribution centers.

Through this channel, Annabella is able to:


  • Reach new customers, in new markets

  • Encourage new grocers to bring in their products

  • Track and define hot markets for growth

  • Send discount codes to potential new buyers, 
    in order to lower barrier to product introduction



Client: Annabella Water Buffalo Creamery

Year: 2018-2020

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